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Fernweh Chris

Small Team, Big Love & Support!

Fernweh Gear was founded early 2018 by me, Chris Giordano, in beautiful Oregon, USA. I'm an adventure photographer / videographer by trade with a love for nature, travel, history, and culture. In looking for new ways to connect with my audience and share my work I began printing art on t-shirts!

'Fernweh' refers to extreme wanderlust. A magical German word that when translated to English essentially means 'farsick'! That craving you get for adventure, exploration, a deep love for travel both near and far - the opposite of homesick!

Brand ambassadors are a diverse community of passionate, experience craving, outdoor adventure travelers whom are either currently adventuring or planning the next one. As a one-man company I deeply appreciate everyone that wears and lives the fernweh life!

The Environmental Pledge

Working towards 1 TREE PLANTED for each product sold!

Growing up in Orange County, California, attending college in Ventura/Santa Barbara, and now living in Oregon, I have witnessed numerous wildfires both near my homes and in surrounding areas.

Each product you purchase will have a portion sent to One Tree Planted, ensuring that a tree is planted. You can feel proud that your purchases directly benefit critical reforestation efforts. OTP is an incredible non-profit researching and working locally in Oregon and California, yet also has a worldwide presence with planting efforts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Earth-Friendly Manufacturing & Printing

To dramatically reduce my brand's environmental impact products are made to order, and may take 7-12 business days to arrive after purchase.

Furthermore, while embracing a Leave No Trace practice for or outdoor adventuring, I work to extend that into my company ethos. Creating awesome outdoor adventure inspired products doesn't work if it destroys our Earth and places we adventure in! Therefore I strive to work with manufacturers whom operate under similar passions and respects.

  • Orders are processed digitally (minimal paper waste!)
  • Sweatshop Free, Eco-Conscious Facilities:
    • Most shirt blanks are cut & sewn in Central America in a Solar Powered facility that recycles its plastic, paper, and bottles and upcycles excess fabric cuttings into stuffing, upholstery, bottles!
    • Most shirts are dyed in Southern California under strict EPA regulations using guaranteed environmentally friendly bluesign® certified dyes. 7x less water is used in the dyeing process vs. competitors thanks to highly efficient machinery and computers that reduce water usage. Excess water is recycled, filtered, & reused thereby reducing nasty water in our waterways! Excess dye is burned off at high temperatures in a self-contained environment to reduce pollution and smoke stacks on the skylines!
    • Apparel is printed in Southern California and North Carolina with the highest quality Kornit and Brothers printers using water-based environmentally friendly inks. Better for the planet and it makes for a super soft graphic print!

With all that said, I truly appreciate every order, and every follow, like, comment, @tag, #hashtag, Pin, or share that comes from you all out there!

See you on the trails!

-Chris Giordano
Fernweh Gear

Earth-Friendly Printing in the USA

Our apparel is printed direct to garment with water-based inks in Southern California and North Carolina.

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Your Purchases Plant Trees

Each product sold helps to plant trees, aiding critical reforestation efforts throughout the United States.

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