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Small Team, Big Love & Support!

Fernweh Gear was founded early 2018 by a small fun-loving outdoorsy crew in beautiful Oregon, USA where so many of our endeavors take place and designs are inspired by!

We make adventure inspired apparel and goods infused with positivity and the spirit of the journey. We hope to pass along our excitement through unique t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, phone cases, and more.

What defines us comes from everyone that wears and supports us: a diverse community of passionate, experience craving, outdoor adventure travelers whom are either currently adventuring or planning the next one. You know, always finding a way to shake our fernweh feelings!

Orders are shipped from California or North Carolina, USA. We ship internationally!

Satisfaction Guaranteed! No worries! If you legitimately aren't happy with your order let us know within 30 days of receiving your gear and we'll help you out. Details on our Return Policy page.

Our Environmental Pledge

At least 1 TREE PLANTED for every single product sold!

Your purchases help to keep the wilds, wild! Donations are made to One Tree Planted and their incredible crew to ensure that a tree will be planted for every product sold. This incredible non-profit has teams researching and working locally in Oregon and California, but also has a worldwide presence with planting efforts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. If there is an area devastated by tree loss, you can bet they're working to put trees in the ground.

Earth's forests hold such a special place in our hearts here at Fernweh Gear, and we've personally seen enough destruction due to fires; both natural and arson, and through clear-cutting as civilization expands outwards. You should feel proud knowing your Fernweh Gear purchases directly contribute to critical reforestation efforts and rebuilding our natural resources for future generations to continue playing in.

We are so thankful for your support!

Earth-Friendly Manufacturing & Printing

Just as much as we try to embody the Leave No Trace lifestyle in our outdoor adventures, we also seek to operate similarly as a company. We want to feel good about what we sell, and surely you want to feel good about what you buy, wear, and support! We work hard to provide the coolest & highest quality products for you, but not at the cost of hurting the Earth and places we adventure in! We strive to work with manufacturers whom operate under similar passions and respects. Even little things like LED motion lights in facilities tickle our fancy :)

  • Orders processed digitally (minimal paper waste!)
  • 100% Sweatshop Free, Eco-Conscious Facilities:
    • Most T-Shirts are cut & sewn in Central America in a ☀️Solar Powered ☀️facility that recycles everything it can. Plastic, paper, and bottles are sorted, and excess fabric cuttings are picked up and recycled into stuffing, upholstery, bottles, and more!
    • Most T-Shirts are dyed in Southern California under the strictest of EPA regulations using bluesign® Certified dyes which are guaranteed environmentally friendly. Also, 7x less water is used in the dyeing process vs. competitors thanks to highly efficient machinery and computers that reduce water usage, followed by recycling, filtering, & reusing that same water on the back end! That means no nasty water in our waterways! Plus, excess dye is burned off at high temps in a self-contained environment so there's no pollution or smoke stacks.
    • All Apparel printed in Southern California and North Carolina with the highest quality Kornit and Brothers printers using water-based environmentally friendly inks. Better for the planet and it makes for a super soft graphic print!

We truly appreciate every order, follow, like, comment, @tag, #hashtag, Pin, or share that comes from you all out there!

-Chris Giordano
Fernweh Gear